Install: Government conference hall

600 square meter conference hall in ShangHai

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Install: SongJiang Government in ShangHai.

Installed in several Meeting/Conference room

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Vice Mayer of Liverpool (UK) --- Press Conference Premier legends China tour 2016

The press conference of Premier legends china tour 2016 was held at ShangHai Inter Continental Hotel on 2 March 2016.

Mr.Rary Millar,Vice Mayer of Liverpool (UK), kicked off China tour with Primer legends from oct 2016.  

We Earthsound arranged total sound system with Earthsound Ultra Thin/High power speaker and provide super CLEAR VOICE for attendees and audience.

No visual speaker gave them open room clearance. High grade Hotel conference room made by marble so it could not make a hole to set any bracket of speaker.

As the weight of Earthsound' LA-14 (80W RMS) is just 0.5kg , so it's easy to stick it on the marble pillar with removal industrial double face tape which was fixed very tightly and time of installation has taken only half an hour (4pcs  of LA-14). There's NO feedback problem because of our special characteristics advantage.

Earthsund' Clear Voice will make the world comfort especially for the voice speech market!


Sound equipment:


Conference Room size: 10m x 25m

- Earthsound' LA-14 x4 pcs

- Sub-woofer  x1

- Professional amplifier 400W (2ch) x1  

- Digital Reverberator   x1

- Mixer   x1

- Professional CD player  x1

- Wireless Microphone system   x2

- Conference Mic   x3

- Note PC x1


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Earthsound opened New office and Demo facility!

Earthsound Inc. opened new office and Demo facility at Nan Xiang Zhi Di Culture & Technology incubation center, ShangHai,China. Welcome and visit us when you come to ShangHai.

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LA series passed Water proof IPX5 test

We did reliability test for LA series under the level of Water proof IPX5 and all passed without any playback problem.


Tested product : LA-12/LA-12H


We believe that LA series (except BT series) have an enough ability for passing IPX6 level because of its 

inside reliable construction.

We can assume that LA-1 and LA-14 series(except BT series)as they are same assemble technology and parts. Do not worry about it!


Guaranteed related products : LA-1/LA-1H/LA-1LB/LA-1HB/LA-12/LA-12H/LA-12LB/LA-12HB/


(Except terminal area:



IPX waterproof specifications are specified on instruments and equipment. Below is a table of waterproof test level definitions based on the IPX Waterproof Specification.

Test Level Definitions


   No special protection

   Protected against falling water Equivalent to 3-5mm rainfall per minute for a duration of 10 minutes. Unit is placed in its normal operating position.

   Protected against falling water when tilted up to 15 degrees - Same as IPX-1 but unit is tested in 4 fixed positions - tilted 15 degrees in each direction from normal operating position.

   Protected against spraying water - Water spraying up to 60 degrees from vertical at 10 liters/min at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2 for 5 min.

   Protected against splashing water - Same as IPX-3 but water is sprayed at all angles.

   Protected against water jets - Water projected at all angles through a 6.3mm nozzle at a flow rate of 12.5 liters/min at a pressure of 30kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters.

   Protected against heavy seas - Water projected at all angles through a 12.5mm nozzle at a flow rate of 100 liters/min at a pressure of 100kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters.

   Protected against water immersion - Immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

   Protected against water submersion - The equipment is suitable for continual submersion in water under conditions which are identified by the manufacturer.


Cool! Black LA debut! -- sample available now!

Finally completed to evaluate the finish of Cool MAT(MATTE) BLACK color anodized AL, bake coating for SUS bracket and punching metal.

We believe that Full black color is helpful for installing industrial circumstances as smart invisible speaker.   

Several limited samples blow are available now. 

Do not hesitate to expand your business.

- LA-1LB (standard LA-1 type)

- LA-1HB (H type)

- LA-12LB (standard LA-12 type)

- LA-12HB (H type)

- LA-14LB (standard LA-14 type)

New! Angle adjustable LA -- H series 

Horizontal setting

    Vertical setting

LA-H Bracket A (option)

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Coming soon! Cool BLACK color LA series 

Black color LA series will debut in next few month.

Responding our many client's request we are now evaluating cool BLACK color version.Coming soon!