“Nanatuuli” 2ch HiFi speaker Plane wave pure sound from Japan

Quantity Limited!!

The nanatuuli speaker boxes are made from birch wood that has been carefully selected by woodworkers of luxury furniture manufacturer of the Hida Takayama (Japan), and it is assembled one by one carefully by the hands of craftsmen. It will not deform even after using 10 years

 ◆Recommend for JAZZ music in special Designed by Jazz player



- Impedance : 8 ohm

- Input Power : 50W + 50W

- Frequency : 90Hz-15,000Hz

- SPL : 86dB/m/W

- Transducer : 100 multi-cell(coil) advanced plane wave speaker(MCMA)

- Size : H202 x W324 x D242 mm

- Weight : 3.5Kg/ch

- Box Material : Special selected Hida Takayama(Japan) Birch wood

- 2 pairs 1 set (speaker cable included)
- Made in Japan


World patented Multi-Cell Micro transducer Array (MCMA)

100 multi-cell (multi-coil) Advanced Flat wave transducer

World patented plane wave speaker transducer can reproduce high frequency sound which

traditional cone type speaker regarded as a weak point. As well as the fascinating high pitched

womans voice and original pure tone of music instruments such as violin,guitar etc.


Super quick rise time

The rise time of the plane wave speaker is around TEN(10) times quicker than conventional cone speaker

because of the differences of the basic drive principle and material between them.     

It makes the scene more alive at concert/Theater sound fields with natural sound.


Far reached with high fidelity pure sound

The high fidelity sound of plane wave speaker has very lower attenuation and sound reaches directly to eardrum.

You can get the direct pure sound now!