Advanced structure "Turbo-FLAT" speaker driver

8.0 - 9.5 mm thinness, slim width, high power, cost-performance, adaptability… You may find our TF speaker unit as the solution… 

The structure of Turbo-FLAT is very unique in the world.

The core technology is that it mainly uses the vibration itself of its membrane under suppressing extra stroke. It causes to realize super thin shape with high power input. Our Turbo-FLAT has special characteristics which even existing Flat Panel Speakers could not make it and make engineer annoying for several decade. 

Need other parts to use?


No, our Turbo-Flat driver does not need any additional electrical parts such as Low cut condenser under high power input.

It causes to pull out full ability of driver itself. Just connect amplifier directly. 

We believe that this special feature makes you easy design. 


No need large air BOX cavity and low cut condenser !  

Directly mountable on the wall ?


Yes! our thin speaker driver is mountable without any back air space!

Our innovative Turbo-FLAT speaker series require almost no space behind its back panel. It is mountable directly on the wall without decreasing lower frequency sound.

This brings infinite possibilities and changed the ordinary theory of flat speakers. This outstanding feature solves problems of ordinary speakers, at the same time, it has tremendous advantage in flexibility of installation.