Special Features

>>> Advanced structure"Turbo-FLAT"speaker driver


Just 9.5mm height, slender shape with 20W power handling !

Patented ultra thin speaker driver with unique and latest technology is unbeatable.

Absolutely powerful !

Capable of 20W performance with continuous music RMS. This capability of high power input generates richer mid-base sound compare to existing other flat speakers by our own invented new speaker construction..

Create ideal clear voice sound !

We successfully developed the new technology “Full flat film of line array”. This thin speaker driver generates clear voice sound, and its high fidelity audio performance brings many benefits to the listener (especially aged people) and their business concerning beauty, health, and relaxation. This product is also eco-friendly and totally recyclable with high capability of water and fire resistance.


Extreme flexibility in installation !

Our thin speaker driver is the definite solution that mountable directly to the wall and narrow space include system box cavity. This technology opens many doors for other electronic products to be thinner, lighter and better design.